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Runner peanuts account for 99 percent of the acreage in Georgia, although all types have been grown in the state. Runner peanuts, which are also grown in Alabama and Florida, are used primarily in peanut butter (about 50 percent), as snack nuts (25 percent), and in candies (25 percent).


Georgia is the number one producer of peanuts in the United States, and Georgia peanut farmers provide more than 45 percent of the U.S. peanut crop each year. Georgia peanuts produce a farm gate value of well over $600 million.


Georgia Fried Peanut Company. 19219 Hartford Street. Edison, GA 39846. Georgia Peach World. 1828 GA Hwy 57. Townsend, GA 31331. Green Circles Farm. 1393 Yates Spring Rd. ... Georgia Grown is a program of the Georgia Department of Agriculture, Commissioner Gary W. Black. Learn more about the program.


Most of the peanuts grown in Georgia are the Runner type, approximately half of these go to make peanut butter, the rest are used for snacks or in candy. The soil of Georgia’s coastal plain, along with the warm weather and long growing season, is ideally suited to cultivating peanuts.


In the United States, Georgia is the leading peanut-producing state, followed by Texas and Alabama, respectively. About half of all peanuts produced in the US are grown within a 100 mi (160 km) radius of Dothan, Alabama.


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Well, peanuts grown in Georgia comprise about 40 percent of total acreage and production of all peanuts grown in the United States. Burke County, Georgia produces more than any other county in this area by growing 24,375,000 lbs. of peanuts in 2002 with a value of approximately $6,199,000.


Where are peanuts grown in the United States? Peanuts are grown commercially in 13 states: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi, North Carolina, New Mexico, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas and Virginia. However, 6 major peanut producing states grow nearly all of the U. S. peanut crop.


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Georgia Peanut Crop Progress Report Crop progress reports are generally issued weekly during the growing season, and they contain information on plantings, growing, and harvesting progress and overall condition of selected crops in major producing states.