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Peanut butter may cause constipation in those with irritable bowel syndrome, a digestive disorder with symptoms that include stomach pain, cramping and diarrhea. IBS with constipation is a form of irritable bowel syndrome characterized by bloating, abnormal bowel movements and hard or lumpy stools.


Eating peanut butter is good for a person's health because of the protein, vitamins, minerals, fiber and phytochemicals it provides. Two tablespoons of peanut butter contains the healthy ratio of 3.3 grams of saturated fats to 12.3 grams of unsaturated fats, similar to olive oil.


According to Harvard Medical School, peanut butter is not bad for human health and is actually healthy for a number of reasons. The presence of saturated fat in peanut butter is what earned it the unhealthy label in the first place, despite the fact that it is highly nutritious.


Peanut butter is good for dogs in moderation. Raw and unsalted peanut butter is best, and too much should be avoided because, like any fatty food, it can cause pancreatitis.


Dogs can eat peanut butter. Most dogs enjoy the taste and consider peanut butter a treat. It is also nutritious for dogs; it contains protein, vitamin E, vitamin B, niacin and healthy fats.


WebMD is neutral on the health benefits of peanut butter. While studies have demonstrated that peanuts lower the risk of heart disease and provide large amounts of protein, fiber and various minerals, peanut butter is high in calories and fat. Because different brands have varying nutritional qualit


One serving of creamy-style peanut butter without salt, consisting of 2 tablespoons, has 7 grams of protein. This is approximately 15 percent of the daily recommended amount of protein for a 2,000 calorie diet. The same serving has 191 calories, 7 grams of carbohydrates and 16 grams of total fat.


The U.S. Department of Agriculture classifies peanut butter as a member of the protein foods group. This group includes peanuts in their natural state, as well as peanuts that have been blended into peanut butter.


Peanut butter is generally fine for dogs to eat as long as they do not have peanut allergies. Peanut butter is a good treat to give to dogs because it provides an additional source of protein and healthy fats.


Peanut butter is not bad for dogs as long as they do not consume too much at one time, and they are not allergic to it. Peanut butter contains healthy fats and vitamins E and H, which help keep a dog's coat healthy and shiny.