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Generally speaking there are 3 different densities used to manufacture polyethylene pipe. High Density polyethylene is commonly referred to as HDPE or 3408.


HDPE is commonly used in directional boring, plowing, river crossings, pipe bursting and sliplining. High-density polyethylene pipe systems require fewer ...


In the late 1970's Bert Hansen developed a range of polyethylene (alkathene) easy to use “cold fit pipe fittings”. Back then this changed the way farmers ...


Polyethylene Flexible Pipe. This pipe is durable, with a long life expectancy, and it is excellent for water systems, drainage, and many other applications.


HDPE pipe and fittings are mainly used in municipal water supply and drainage systems, water treatment pipeline systems, industrial water supply and ...


Manufacturer of HDPE Pipes & Pipe Fitting - High Density Polyethylene Pipe, 110 mm HDPE Pipe, HDPE Flexible Pipe and HDPE Water Pipe offered by Arihant ...


Chem Proline® Advanced PE piping system is stress crack resistant, ductile, impact resistant and ideal for sodium hypochlorite applications.


Hynds stock a comprehensive range of polyethylene pipe fittings for use in connecting MDPE & HDPE pipe. Straight connectors are also available for joining ...


pe compression fittings for pe and pvc pipes This is black pvc material. This is for black hose. - Buy pe compression fittings for pe and pvc pipes.


Polyethylene pipe fittings, which are produced with high quality materials, are prepared under special ...


PE 100 corrugated pipe and fittings are the strongest PE pipe material, it withstand high pressure compared to other PE raw material pipe.