Greenshades software keeps track of employees' hours, time off and earnings, and automatically processes payroll each pay period by paying employees, taking out taxes, and sending employees their pay stubs, notes the Gre... More » Business & Finance Business Resources HR

As of 2015, some brands of paperless payroll software include APS Online, Optimum Solutions and ZenPayroll, according to Accuchex. The payroll software’s are highly rated as they make payroll management efficient. More » Technology Software

Some well-received, free payroll software options include CKZ Time Clock Free Edition, Paymastr Payroll and OpenMiracle. All three allow users to calculate payroll. CKZ Time Clock also includes clock-in and clock-out fun... More » Technology Software

The Landry's Employee Self-Service portal offers services such as viewing benefits that employees are qualified for, offering online time-off request forms and payroll grievance forms, and viewing pay stubs. Accessing or... More »

Rite Aid employees can access pay stubs online through the Rite Aid Corporate website or the Rite Aid Paperless Pay website. Both websites require a login ID and password provided by Rite Aid payroll management. More » Business & Finance Business Resources HR

Rite Aid employees can access their pay stubs online through the company-recommended websites. Two specific recommended website addresses for Rite Aid employees, as of 2013, are and paperlesspay.talx.... More »

Walmart employees can not access pay stubs through myWalmart. To access pay stubs, employees need to go to Walmart's secure pay stub portal via Money Network or go to WalmartOne. Walmart replaced myWalmart with these opt... More »