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A letter request for payment is a document used by a business owner to ask payment from a client on a past due account for a rendered service or product. When writing this type of letter, there are a few things to keep in mind, such as keeping the appropriate tone, using a business or company letter


LoveToKnow.com, EnglishClub.com and AtYourBusiness.com have sample payment request letters available. All three are generic letters featuring a professional tone that could easily be applied to a wide range of payment request situations. These letters should ideally be sent along with an itemized in


To write a letter asking for payment, first state the detailed reason for the letter. Include supporting statements that back up the claim, and offer a method for resolving the matter, according to About.com. Thank the recipient in the closing of the letter. Keep the tone of the letter polite, direc


A down payment is an amount of money that is paid up front when an item is being purchased on credit. This often occurs during the purchase of a vehicle or a home. This payment lowers the total amount of money borrowed for the purchase.


A one-time payment is a single manual payment a customer makes to a creditor, using a debit card, credit card or bank account draft, states Time Warner Cable. Typically, the customer can pay the total amount due or make a smaller or larger payment.


A check payment is a mode of payment drawn against deposited funds in a bank account. It orders the bank to pay a specific amount of money on demand to an entity whose name appears on the check.


Account payment is a form of payment that lets clients or customers buy goods on credit and pay for the goods later, says Mind Body, Inc. It is the responsibility of the seller to set up this form of payment, and it features several options, including credit amount, selling price and membership.


A payment address refers to the address that a business or institution wants people to mail payments to, in exchange for various goods and services. Places that typically have payment addresses include banks, credit card companies and car dealerships.


Online payment services allow consumers to pay merchants for goods or services electronically, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration. A payment service provider acts as a middleman between the merchant and consumer in processing the payment through the Internet.


A bill payment service provides people with numerous tools to help manage monthly debt obligations, all in one platform. Users of bill payment services commonly avoid late-payment fees and fees for bouncing checks if they cannot manage a large volume of monthly debt.