As of 2014, 12-year-olds can earn money with jobs such as babysitting, dog walking and pet sitting. Other jobs that kids can do to earn money include mowing lawns, doing yard work and getting a paper route. More » Business & Finance Careers

Federal law restricts children under the age of 14 from working in non-agricultural occupations covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. States sometimes impose additional child... More » Government & Politics Law Legal Ages

A 12-year-old can work on farms with parental consent, deliver newspapers, perform in movies, television or radio, and work for parents in a nonmanufacturing and nonhazardous family business. The minimum age for a job in... More » Government & Politics Law Legal Ages
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Some good summer jobs for younger teens include lawn mowing, yard work, dog walking and pet sitting. According to Forbes, some possible summer jobs for older teens include camp counselor, life guard and retail or food se... More » Business & Finance Careers Job Search

Some jobs that pay well for a 14-year-old are working as a lifeguard, babysitting, pet sitting, performing yard work and tutoring. Generally, jobs that require more specialized skills pay more than those that call for ba... More » Business & Finance Careers Job Search

The highest-paying jobs in the United States are white-collar occupations that require advanced college degrees and earn six-figure salaries, as of 2014. Seven of 10 top jobs in America are in the health care industry th... More » Business & Finance Careers

There are a variety of simple, low-commitment approaches one can take to making extra money, including performing odd jobs tutoring, dog walking, babysitting, doing odd jobs such as lawn maintenance or snow shoveling, cl... More » Business & Finance Careers