A person can make a payment online for federal taxes at IRS.gov/payments. A person can pay directly with a credit or debit card online, or they can pay directly with a bank account. More »

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A federal tax return table is available on the Internal Revenue Service website at IRS.gov. Under the heading Forms and Pubs, click on the Tax Table tab to view the tax table for Form 1040. More »

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Individuals with incomes below the federal poverty line may have to pay taxes depending on their income and their family size, according to the Tax Policy Center. While the earned income tax credit reduces the amount tha... More »

The percentage of wages that a person pays in federal payroll taxes depends on factors such as marital status, earnings, exemptions and reductions, according to Washington State University. As of 2015, a single person pa... More »

There are several online services that allow taxpayers to file their federal income taxes for free; the Internal Revenue Service offers a tax preparation service that is free for almost everyone. This service is called F... More »

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As of 2015 California property taxes are collected by individual counties and the major counties of Los Angeles and San Francisco both offer online payment options, according to the counties' official websites. Other kin... More »

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Qualities of a good tax system include fair payment of taxes among citizens, an adequate tax base, transparency, administrative ease and simplicity, say authors at the Oklahoma Policy Institute. These five conditions cre... More »