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Buy Here Pay Here car dealers handle customer financing themselves, and they often target customers who cannot get loans through traditional means, notes About.com. People who buy cars from these dealers usually have to pay weekly at interest rates generally around 25 percent.


Companies such as Redbull, Rockstar and Monster have paid people to place advertisements on their personal vehicles. The companies offer pay between $200 and $500 monthly to rent the ad space. There's also a "free car" system; the company provides a car to a person to drive without cash payment.


Carvertise and WrapMatch are two companies that pay drivers to wrap their vehicles. Both companies have applications that include questions about the driver, her vehicle and her driving habits.


Buy-here, pay-here car dealerships are car lots that extend a direct line of credit to auto buyers rather than going through a financial institution. The interest rate on an auto loan from a buy-here, pay-here car dealership is often higher than that of a traditional auto loan.


Companies that pay cash for cars without title include National Cash for Junk Cars and Rusty's Auto Salvage. These companies do not require sellers to possess keys to vehicles, and they tow vehicles that they purchase vehicles free of charge, as of December 2015.


It's almost always cheaper to pay cash for a car rather than paying for it in time through a loan. However, a loan with low interest will let people invest their money in other things instead of using savings to buy a car. It also leaves money available for emergencies.


The company Carvertise pays drivers to place advertisements on their cars. However, as of December, 2015, many advertising companies have abandoned this form of marketing because it is not as profitable as other advertising methods. The Better Business Bureau warns that while there are a few legitim


You can pay your Honda car payment online by registering for an account at Honda's website. You can view your statement and make a one-time payment, or you can sign up for recurring payments.


A woman typically pays less for car insurance than a man does, according to DMV.org. This is due to the fact that women are less likely to be in auto accidents and don't normally drive as many miles as men or commit as many moving violations.


The amount a junkyard might pay for a car depends on whether the car can be salvaged as opposed to being sold for parts or scrap metal. A junkyard can provide a quote based on the car's condition.