A traditional Southern dessert dish by chef Paula Deen is bourbon pecan pie. This dish is popular in the South and commonly served during the holidays. More » Food Cooking

Recipes for potato soup by Paula Deen can be found on as well as Deen's own website, Her potato soup with shrimp recipe has over 400 reviews on and features a rating of 4.5 ... More » Food Cooking

To make Paula Deen's baked spaghetti recipe, boil water, tomatoes, tomato sauce and seasonings in a stockpot, and simmer everything over low heat for one hour. Add crumbled ground beef in a large skillet, cooking until t... More » Food Cooking
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Several websites carry Paula Deen pie recipes, including the Food Network and Paula Deen's own personal website. The Food Network website is totally free and offers a search feature where you can look for recipes specifi... More » Food Cooking

To make Paula Deen's apple pie filliing, first combine brown sugar, flour, cinnamon and nutmeg with lemon juice. Add sliced apples to this mixture, and then place it in a prepared crust and bake it. More » Food Cooking

Paula Deen has two shepherd pie recipes available on the Food Network website, as of 2015. Her regular version requires the use of a baking pan or casserole dish, while her Christmas version requires the use of six ramek... More » Food Cooking

Though there is no actual low-fat version of Paula Deen's collar greens recipe, simple changes can be made to transform the recipe into a low-fat dish. The two components in the recipe that are high in fat are butter and... More » Food Cooking