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The patron saint of hope, or of lost causes, according to Catholic theology is St. Jude Thaddeus, one of the 12 disciples of Jesus. He is called the patron saint of hope due to the fact that in his epistle he urges believers to endure harsh and desperate circumstances.


The patron saint of animals is Saint Francis of Assisi of Italy. He is also recognized as the patron saint of ecologists, as declared by Pope John Paul II in 1979.


Saint Cecilia is the patron saint of music. A second century Roman woman, Cecilia is designated the patron saint of music because she heard heavenly music when she was married.


The Christian patron saint of basketball players and other athletes is Saint Sebastian. He is venerated in the Catholic and Orthodox churches. His feast day is Jan. 20 for the former and Dec. 18 for the latter.


Saint Christopher is the patron saint of strength. His saint's day is observed on July 25. He began life as a Canaanite man named Reprobus.


In the Catholic tradition, the patron saint of horses is St. Martin of Tours. Also the patron saint of soldiers, St. Martin left behind a promising position in the army to serve God.


The patron saint of the sick is Saint Michael the Archangel. Unlike the majority of saints, Saint Michael was never a living human; he is a biblical angel who appears in a vision to Daniel and leads the heavenly forces to the final victory over evil in the Book of Revelation.


Italy has two patron saints: Catherine of Siena and Francis of Assisi. The former is known for influencing the return of the papacy from Avignon to Rome, while the latter is the patron saint of animals.


Saint Joseph is the patron saint of workers, fathers, travelers, unborn children, immigrants and dying a happy death. He was the stepfather of Jesus and husband of Mary. Saint Joseph was born in 90 B.C. and died in the year 18 A.D.


The patron saint of police officers is Saint Michael the Archangel. He represents the values of chivalry, courage and justice and is also the patron saint of anyone who works in a dangerous job, including military personnel, firefighters and paramedics.