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There are several brands of patent leather polishers and cleaners available in brick-and-mortar shoe stores and from online retailers; alternatively, a person can use mineral oil. Petroleum jelly is also a do-it-yourself substance that people can clean patent leather.


Ankle boots can be worn with skirts, pants, leggings or tights. Long skirts and maxi skirts should cover the top of the ankle boot. Shorter skirts paired with ankle boots should be at least a few inches above the knee. Boots with taller shafts should be worn with shorter skirts.


There are many ways to break in a new pair of leather boots, including wearing them at home, spraying them, taking them to a professional and stuffing them. New boots often need to be worn for several weeks before they are truly comfortable.


To stretch patent leather shoes, take a plastic bag, and fill it halfway full with water. Seal the bag tightly. Place the bag in the shoe, and put the shoe in the freezer. As the water freezes, it expands, fills the available area and presses on the edges of the shoes to make them bigger. Put the sh


A person should check the fit of leather boots while standing. A leather boot should make the entire foot feel snug except for the heel. The ball of the foot should sit at the widest part of the sole of the boot. The instep, or vamp, of the boot should fit more snugly over the top of the arch than a


While the days of little girls parading around in patent leather Mary Janes are long gone, the fashion rules have changed, allowing patent leather shoes to be worn year-round. From black to white and every color in between, patent leather makes a stunning addition to many outfits.


To clean leather boots, stuff them with newspaper, brush off dirt, dab stains with diluted vinegar, wipe scuff marks with baking soda dissolved in water, and polish the boots. This 30-minute process requires newspaper, a brush, vinegar, water, a bowl, a towel, soft cloths, baking soda and leather po


Stretch leather boots by walking around the house with the boots on, stuffing them when they're not in use, or putting them in the freezer with a bag of water inside. If those methods don't work, take the boots to a professional cobbler.


To shrink leather boots, simply spray hot water onto the surface of the boots, dry them completely with a hair dryer, and then condition the leather. You need a spray bottle, access to hot water, a hairdryer and leather conditioner.


Frequent wear, timely oiling, getting wet and conditioning are the best ways to soften leather boots. It is a good idea to use multiple methods to soften boots, to speed up the process.