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There are several brands of patent leather polishers and cleaners available in brick-and-mortar shoe stores and from online retailers; alternatively, a person can use mineral oil. Petroleum jelly is also a do-it-yourself substance that people can clean patent leather.


Amazon, other online retailers and local retail shops sell leather cleaning products. Commercial leather cleaners are sold in various forms including liquid, spray, gel, cream or paste. In order to choose the best cleaner for a leather item, know which cleaners work best on specific types of leather


While the days of little girls parading around in patent leather Mary Janes are long gone, the fashion rules have changed, allowing patent leather shoes to be worn year-round. From black to white and every color in between, patent leather makes a stunning addition to many outfits.


To stretch patent leather shoes, take a plastic bag, and fill it halfway full with water. Seal the bag tightly. Place the bag in the shoe, and put the shoe in the freezer. As the water freezes, it expands, fills the available area and presses on the edges of the shoes to make them bigger. Put the sh


Homemade leather cleaner can be made out of vinegar and olive oil with scented oil to make the cleaner have a fresh scent. Paper towels and a small bowl are the only tools needed.


Lexol Leather pH Cleaner, Zymol and Mothers are highly rated leather upholstery cleaners, according to UpholsteryCleaners101. Blue Magic Leather & Vinyl Cleaner is also effective.


Leather Honey brand leather conditioner is a highly rated choice for cleaning a leather couch. It is also the best selling leather cleaner on Amazon.com. Other highly rated brands are Lexol, Zymol and Mothers. All of these brands contain no harsh chemicals that can ruin leather finishes.


Commercial leather is made in facilities called tanneries. Tanneries are factories in which hides or skins are dried, cured and treated with chemicals. This process causes the exteriors of the hides to calcify, preventing them from rotting or putrefying.


Abstract ideas may not be patented, according to the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Additionally, laws of nature, physical phenomena, literary, dramatic, musical, and artistic works and inventions which are not useful or are offensive to public morality may not be patented.


To patent an idea, make sure it qualifies and have a suitable description of all its aspects. You may file a patent application online for the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.