To create a password reset disk for Windows 7, navigate to the operating system's Control Panel, then click on the User Accounts and Family Safety link. Click on the User Accounts link, and select Create A Password Reset... More » Technology Software

Resetting the password on a Windows 7 computer varies whether the machine is part of a workgroup or domain. If it is in a workgroup, users reset the password to an account by inserting a password reset disk or flash driv... More » Technology Software

It is not possible to recover a forgotten Windows 7 password. However, you can reset it using either a Windows 7 installation disk or a Windows 7 System Repair disk. More » Technology Software

To troubleshoot Windows 7, click Start, go to Control Panel, click Find and fix problems under the System and Security menu, then select the problem you want Windows to troubleshoot. The troubleshooting process takes no ... More » Technology Software

Windows Media Player 12 is included with the Windows 7 operating system, as of 2015, but those without it can reinstall the player through the Control Panel. Windows users with the Starter, Home Premium, Professional, Ul... More » Technology Software

If Windows 7 does not boot up or boots up with problems, use the Windows 7 system repair disk to troubleshoot and fix the issue. The system repair disk allows you to boot up Windows and provides several options for repai... More » Technology Software

Individuals can use a Windows 7 recovery disk to fix software problems related to the operating system without formatting the hard drive. The recovery process restores the computer to its default state or last working po... More »