When writing, active voice is when the subject of a sentence performs the action in the verb, while passive voice is when the subject has the action performed on it. An example of a sentence using the active voice is "Sh... More » Education Writing

Lessons about the active and passive voice should include explanations of the two, examples and use of the two. All lessons should include an objective that students demonstrate their understanding of the topic. More » Education Writing

In sentences using active verbs, a noun performs the action of a verb, while in passive voice sentences, the verb is acted upon by the noun. For example, a sentence containing an active verb is "the professor teaches the... More » Education
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A predicate adjective is an adjective that follows a connecting or linking verb that describes the subject of the sentence or phrase. Technically, as a rule of grammar, this is known as a an adjective used in the predica... More » Education Writing

A sentence is incomplete if it lacks either a subject or a verb. The absence of at least one independent clause also makes a sentence incomplete. More » Education Writing

The key elements that make a sentence grammatically correct are its completeness, proper punctuation, agreement between subject and verb, agreement between pronouns and their referents, and correct use of verb form. Two ... More » Education Writing

A physical action verb is an action verb that describes a physical action. For example, throw and sit are both physical action verbs because they describe someone's actions. More » Education Writing