Passing kidney stones typically triggers pain, urinary problems and other unique symptoms, according to Mayo Clinic. Most people do not know they have kidney stones because they have no symptoms until the stones begin to... More »

Drinking between eight and 10 glasses of water each day and taking prescription alpha-blocker medications can move kidney stones through the system quickly, according to WebMD. The longer kidney stones stay in the system... More » Health Conditions & Diseases

Methods that help speed-up the passage of kidney stones include hydration, the use of pain-relievers and medications called alpha-blockers, explains Mayo Clinic. Most small kidney stones pass with minimal symptoms, and d... More » Health Conditions & Diseases
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Lemonade is a potential natural remedy to treat pain from kidney stones, explains WebMD. Lemonade therapy is used to slow the development of new stones and reduce pain in patients suffering from the condition. More » Health Pain & Symptoms

Kidney stone pain in men and women may affect the sides and back, below the ribs, the lower abdomen and groin. Symptoms may not appear until the mass moves around within the kidney or passes to the ureter, the tube conne... More »

Some causes of upper right side pain include appendicitis, peptic ulcers and kidney stones, according to Mayo Clinic. However, there are many causes of upper right side pain, and some of them are not serious, such as gas... More »

Throbbing pain in the lower left abdomen can be caused by appendicitis, kidney stones, ovarian cysts, Crohn's disease and cancer, according to Mayo Clinic. Other possible causes are a hernia, intestinal obstruction or to... More »