Parts of the femur are the head, the neck, the trochanteric fossa, the greater trochanter and lesser trochanter, according to InnerBody The long part of the bone is called the body or diaphysis of the femur. There are al... More » Science Human Anatomy Bones

To rehabilitate a broken femur, you should walk with support, consistently perform rehabilitation exercises, and arrange your living area to eliminate steps and reduce the likelihood of falls, according to MedlinePlus. I... More » Health Conditions & Diseases Breaks & Sprains

Major bones on a mouse skeleton include the skull, mandible, scapula, ribs, pelvis, femur, tibia, fibula, radius, ulna, humerus and several vertebrae along the spine. The anatomy of small mice was not fully diagrammed or... More » Science Biology Zoology
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The femur, or thigh bone, consists of a head, neck, body, trochanters, condyles and intercondylar fossa, notes InnerBody. The femur is the longest and heaviest bone in the body, capable of supporting nearly all of the bo... More » Science Human Anatomy Bones

The shaft of a long bone is known as the diaphysis. According to the University of Virginia, bones that include the tibia, femur and humerus consist of a long central shaft with rounded ends known as the epiphyses. More » Science Human Anatomy Bones

The shaft of a long bone is called the diaphysis. The narrow shaft transitions into regions called metaphyses, which terminate in broad, substantial areas of bone called epiphyses. These epiphyses form joints with other ... More » Science Human Anatomy Bones

The femur is located between the pelvis (hip bone) and the knee. It is the only bone in the human thigh and comprises half of the hip joint and half of the knee joint. More » Science Human Anatomy Bones