Medieval castles had many different parts. Most castles had walls with buttresses that provided additional support against seige engines and catapults. Many castles had moats and drawbridges. Inside the castle itself, th... More » Art & Literature Architecture

Actors who were part of the "Castle" cast in 2014 include Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic, Molly Quinn, Susan Sullivan and Jon Huertas. The main cast also included Seamus Dever, Tamala Jones and Penny Johnson Jerald. More » Art & Literature

One way to draw a simple castle is to draw a horizon line, add two rectangles in perspective and draw guidelines for any towers and the main building. Next, draw darker lines to define the main structure and add extra de... More » Art & Literature Fine Art Drawing
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All Things Medieval, RPG Booster, and Skipton Castle all make medieval castle plans available on their websites. All Things Medieval offers plans for four castles and RPG Booster and Skipton Castle both have one plan ava... More » Art & Literature Architecture

In medieval times, castles were home to nobility or high-ranking clerics, defense forces and a large household staff. In times of warfare, the population of the castle would swell as peasants from the lord's domain flood... More » History Middle Ages

Castles and palaces differ in the materials that they were built from, their design, their purpose and their history. In general, castles are built for defensive purposes, while palaces are built to showcase wealth. More » Art & Literature Architecture

Medieval castles were used primarily for defense, but they also provided living quarters and storage for the lord, his family and his estate. Because the lord lived within the castle walls, it was usually a center of gov... More » History Middle Ages