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In general, parrots are not a good pet for children. In fact, many American adults find that the personality and upkeep of the parrot is not a good fit for them either. Parrots are not a suitable pet for children because they are often dangerous, require a lot of attent...


Sciencekids.com and Livescience.com both offer kid-friendly information about parrots. Sciencekids.com offers a list of fun parrot facts for kids, such as the fact that some parrots can live for over 80 years.


Parrots eat seeds, pellets, fruits, vegetables, brown rice, wheat bread and peanuts. Parrots should not eat chocolate, avocado and rhubarb. Parrots are lactose intolerant, so they should not have any dairy products.


A parrot talks by controlling the muscles in its throat and redirecting the airflow from its lungs in order to create tones, whistles and human sounds. Parrots are natural-born imitators, which allows them to mimic specific words and sounds they pick up in their environ...


Parrots live in just about all of the tropical climate zones around the world, showing up in Central and South America, southern Africa, south Asia and Australia. There are more than 350 different species that fit under the parrot classification, such as lorikeets, cock...


Baby parrots are called chicks. The African gray parrot lays three to five eggs in a clutch. Eggs incubate for approximately 30 days. The female is primarily responsible for sitting on the eggs, although the male also takes turns.


Parrots may live anywhere from six to eight years to more than 80 years, depending on the species. Larger birds tend to live longer than smaller parrots.