A sample parole letter is used as a guide or template for writing a parole board support letter for an offender under review for early release. Sample letters often give friends and family of the inmate ideas of what the... More » Education Writing

A letter to a parole board should include information concerning an inmate's plans for the future, observations about her character and evidence that describes how she has reformed herself, states the Law Dictionary. A p... More » Government & Politics Law Enforcement

Address the support letter to the board members of the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles. The content of parole letters needs to focus on firm employment and housing arrangements for the potential parolee and clear, con... More »

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The purpose of a parole support letter is to convince a parole board to grant parole to a prisoner. As such, the parole letter has to meet certain requirements for it to be successful, and it should be direct, concise an... More » Government & Politics Crime

Individuals can find Texas Department of Criminal Justice inmates who made parole by calling the offender parole release status line at 512-406-5202. Callers must have either the TDCJ or SID number of the inmate or the i... More » Government & Politics Public Records

Use sample Santa letters to children as a guide to create a unique letter from Santa to a child. Follow the sample letter's text and insert personal details into blank template spots for the child's name, personal detail... More » Holidays & Celebrations Holidays Christmas

Sample parole letters are posted on and These letters are suitable for friends, family members and clergy who want to send a letter to a parole board in support of a prisoner's release. More » Education Writing