While there are several ways to identify a parcel of land, one is through its metes and bounds property description. Other methods include describing it through the government survey system, using township, range and sec... More » Government & Politics Public Records

A parcel of land is a measured portion or area of land. A parcel is defined by as "a distinct, continuous portion or tract of land" and "a part, portion or fragment." More » Science Measurements

An air parcel is unstable if its temperature is and remains higher than the temperature of its surrounding environment as it rises above the ground. When this occurs, the parcel continues to rise. This is known as moist ... More » Science Earth Science Atmosphere
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A land contract contains a property description, total sales price, payment plan, title disposition clarification, boilerplate provisions, space for the parties to sign and the contract date. Each party should have a cop... More » Business & Finance Real Estate

You can find your property's parcel number by searching for it in your county or city property appraiser's/tax collector's website. You also can visit or call your property appraiser's/tax collector's office. Your parcel... More » Government & Politics Public Records

Use the TN property viewer by selecting the county the property is located in, then searching the property with either the name of the owner, the parcel number or name of the subdivision. Some counties are not on the TN ... More » Government & Politics Public Records

Information that can be obtained from a county assessor's office regarding property include the property owner, property address, mailing address, assessed value and parcel number. In addition, the county recorder's book... More » Government & Politics Public Records