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Glen Roy (Scottish Gaelic: Gleann Ruaidh meaning "red glen") in the Lochaber area of the Highlands of Scotland is a glen or valley much of which is designated as a national nature reserve noted for the geological phenomenon of the three 'roads' ("Parallel Roads"). The "Parallel Roads" of Glen Roy are loch terraces that formed along the shorelines of an ancient...


The first published description of the Parallel Roads was by Thomas Pennant in 1771 in his book A Tour of Scotland.This work was far from scientific but during the 19th century Glen Roy played an important role in the development of geological and geomophological theories of landscape evolution. 1 Initially the ‘Roads’ were believed to be lake or marine shorelines.


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Parallel Roads of Glen Roy . This short but rough walk has excellent views of the famous Parallel Roads which stand out as horizontal ridges on both sides of the Glen. There is not a path for the whole route so navigation skills are required. Terrain


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John MacCulloch, “Parallel Roads”, 1817 Darwin’s paper 1839: View up Glen Roy from above “Viewpoint” with the three horizontal “Parallel Roads”, drawn from the lowest Road R3 (note its alignment on both sides of the valley). Darwin returned from the Beagle voyage identifying himself as a geologist, and was


Parallel Roads/Highways Key Considerations. Parallel roads need to be located off the Railroad’s right of way whenever possible. If perceived as not possible, request by agency must provide engineering justification as why it has to encroach on the Railroad’s right of way.. Any requests for a parallel road on any part of the Railroad’s property must be forwarded to the appropriate ...


Parallel Road Tool Mod - Presentation & Explanation! [ENGLISH] | Cities Skylines Tutorial ... Cities Skylines - Fine Road Tool and Fine Road Anarchy - Tutorial - Duration: 6:02.


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