Parallel lines are defined as lines that are equal distance apart and never touch. Being an equal distance apart is also known as equidistant. Parallel lines always point in the same direction. More » Math Geometry

Parallel lines are lines that never cross each other. The key to constructing parallel lines is to know that they have the exact same slope. More » Math Data Graphs

Parallel lines are lines along the same plane that never intersect, even though they are of infinite length. If you are working on a construction project, it is important to make sure that segments that are supposed to b... More » Math Geometry
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Parallel lines are important in mathematics because they are at the base of several conjectures involving angles in geometry. Drawing a line, called a transversal, through a pair of parallel lines forms three different t... More » Math Geometry

Parallel lines exist everywhere in everyday life, including on the sides of a piece of paper and the way that the shelves of a bookcase are positioned. Parallel lines are two or more lines that when drawn out infinitely ... More » Math Geometry

Parallel lines are two lines that are the same distance apart along their length. They never touch one another. They look like the outer lines of a road or the edges of a rail track. More » Math Geometry

A square has two pairs of parallel lines. This makes it a parallelogram, which is a four-sided polygon with two pairs of parallel sides, each pair being equal in length. A square is a kind of parallelogram whose sides me... More » Math Geometry