Parallel force systems are those in which forces act in the same direction. The opposite of a parallel force system is a perpendicular force system, which is a system that has forces acting at right angles to each other. More »

Some basic principles for plumbing and drain systems are that water enters plumbing pipes under pressure. Drains depend on gravity to take wastes away from the building, but vents, traps and clean-outs are needed to make... More »

Shear stress is calculated by dividing the force exerted on an object by that object's cross-sectional area. Shear stress is one of the three primary stresses present in nature, which also includes tension and compressio... More »

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Unbalanced forces that have a net force in a certain direction are what lead to changes in motion. When multiple forces act on a body, the resultant force, calculated as the vectorial sum of the individual forces, determ... More »

Examples of external forces include the force applied to the system, air resistance of an object, force of friction, tension and normal force. Internal forces include the force of gravity, spring force, and magnetic and ... More »

Forces that are equal in size but opposite in direction are called balanced forces. Balanced forces will not change the motion or move an object at rest. On the other hand, forces that are not equal or opposite and do ca... More »

A pulley is a simple tool that can be used for many things, such as lifting heavy objects or to change the direction of applied forces for various means. A pulley is a very simple tool that consists of a wheel on a fixed... More »