The survival rate for pancreatic cancer is approximately 62 percent for 6 months after diagnosis and 31 percent for one year after initial diagnosis, according to Cancer Treatment Centers of America. The rate decreases d... More »

The percentage of patients who live for more than five years after a pancreatic cancer diagnosis is 1 to 14 percent. The five-year survival rate depends on the stage of cancer at diagnosis, according to the American Canc... More »

Despite advances in the treatment of pancreatic cancer, the number of patients cured of the disease remains very small. In 2011, only 2 percent of pancreatic cancer patients were still alive five years after their initia... More »

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Within five years of diagnosis, 92 percent of patients die from pancreatic cancer, with 75 percent dying within one year, according to Pancreatic Cancer Canada. Liver cancer has an overall five-year survival rate of 17 p... More »

After a successful Whipple procedure, the five-year survival rate for pancreatic cancer patients goes up to 25 percent, according to WebMD. Without the procedure, only 6 percent of patients are alive at the five-year mar... More »

Unfortunately, the prognosis of a Stage IV pancreatic patient is bleak, with only a 1 percent survival rate five years after diagnosis, according to the American Cancer Society. If patients have been treated with surgery... More »

Individuals with bone cancer typically feel deep, aching pain in the bones of the pelvis, back, arms, legs or ribs that often starts off gradually and becomes more persistent as the cancer develops, according to Cancer T... More »