Palm tree tattoos vary in three distinct ways: the type of palm, the style of the tattoo, and whether or not the tattoo is color or grayscale. When deciding on what type of palm tree tattoo is best, the recipient should ... More » Beauty & Fashion Body Art Tattoos

The average palm tree stands about 32 to 50 feet tall. However, some can grow as tall as 98 feet. One species of palm tree located in Colombia grows to be up to 197 feet tall. More »

According to Garden Guides, there are more than 3,000 types of palm trees, and the term "coconut palm" only refers to one genus, which encompasses several species, of specific trees that bear coconut fruit. Not all palm ... More »

The color of a male koi fish tattoo depends on the type of meaning for which the person is going. The main color options are the classic orange, red, black and blue. Other options include designs with a dragon koi, koi w... More » Beauty & Fashion Body Art Tattoos

Palm tree leaves are called fronds. Fronds are described as being either feather-leaved or fan-leaved. They have a spiral formation and are located toward the top of a palm tree at the tree's crown. More »

A Celtic sun tattoo is a drawing of the sun done in a Celtic style. The tattoo would include either tribal lines or Celtic knots. Celtic warriors wore tattoos as reminders of earlier battles or as an intimidation tactic. More » Beauty & Fashion Body Art Tattoos

The praying hands are a style of tattoo that typically has spiritual significance. Individuals who choose this body art often do so as a tribute to a loved one or their faith. Praying hands tattoos can also serve as an e... More » Beauty & Fashion Body Art Tattoos