The Paleo Indians were hunters and gatherers, so their food consisted of what they found where they were living, including fish, birds, small game, fruits and berries. Some Paleo Indians lived in productive areas allowin... More » Food Food Facts Food History

Stone projectile points are among the most common artifacts found from the time of the Paleo Indians. These projectile points were beautifully carved and attached into the ends of spear shafts. More » History Prehistory

The houses of Paleo Indians were often temporary structures built from wood, stones and brush. The houses had a circular form and they consisted of poles leaning in at the top. More » History Modern History US History
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North American pioneers ate foods like grains, fruits, wild berries, fish, turkey, rabbit , deer, pork, eggs, milk, honey, corn, bread and potatoes. These were foods that they grew, picked, hunted or bought at a nearby g... More » Food Food Facts Food History

The Cahuilla Indians ate soups of mashed acorns, breads of mashed acorns, pine nuts, grass seeds, berries, roots, cactus fruits, birds, rabbits and lizards. The Cahuilla Indians focused on gathering plant food and huntin... More » History Modern History US History

Lenape Indians were hunter and farmers which gave them a wide choice of food, including deer, fish, corn, squash, berries, birds and eggs. The Lenape were able to dry many vegetables, such as corn, and save them in leath... More » World View Social Sciences Cultures & Traditions

Hunter gatherers were people who lived by foraging or killing wild animals and collecting fruits or berries for food, while farming societies were those that depended on agricultural practices for survival. Before agricu... More » History Prehistory