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Consumers can purchase duck eggs on eFowl.com and Strombergs.com. Both websites offer duck hatching eggs for meat production and further egg production from several different breeds.


A soft-boiled duck egg should cook for six to seven minutes, resulting in a slightly runny yolk. A hard-boiled duck egg should cook for nine minutes.


A simple way to tell if a duck egg contains a live embryo is through the process of candling. Candling an egg simply means shining a bright light through the egg and looking at the contents inside the shell to verify a living embryo.


Duck eggs typically hatch in 28 to 35 days. The difference in time depends upon the breed. Eggs of commonly-raised breeds of ducks, such as the Pekin variety, take 28 days.


Male ducks, which are called drakes, fertilize eggs through copulation with female ducks, known as hens. Copulation typically occurs after a courtship ritual during mating season, which is in early spring. Drakes must mate with hens once every four to five days to ensure fertilization.


The mallard, wood duck, green-winged teal, northern shoveler and black-bellied whistling duck are some of the over 25 species of ducks living in North America. Ducks belong to different categories based on shared features such as feeding habits and habitat. Dabblers, diving ducks and sea ducks are t


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A baby duck is called a duckling. A small duck is considered a duckling until it reaches adult age, beginning at approximately two months from the time they hatch, depending on the type of duck.