Generally, the process to pair a Bluetooth device to a mobile phone follows a certain order. First, the phone's Bluetooth link is turned on. The headset or other Bluetooth device is turned on and placed in pairing or dis... More »

Turn on the Plantronics Bluetooth headset, and activate Bluetooth in the phone settings to pair the two devices. A Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or similar device and a Plantronics Bluetooth headset are needed to get star... More »

The base pairing rules for DNA are governed by the complementary base pairs: adenine (A) with thymine (T) in an A-T pairing and cytosine (C) with guanine (G) in a C-G pairing. Conversely, thymine only binds with adenine ... More »

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To pair most Plantronics headsets to a phone, turn on the phone's Bluetooth, press the headset's power button until the nearby light flashes, release the button and finish with the phone's pairing instructions. Enter the... More »

The process for finding a Bluetooth passkey varies depending on the device, with some featuring a dedicated code that appears in its product registration or instruction pamphlet and others automatically generating a pass... More »

Some highly rated Motorola Bluetooth headsets are the Moto Hint and the Elite Silver. The Motorola Elite Silver received an editor's rating of 3.5 out of 5 according to CNET, scoring 7.6 out of 10 overall for its design,... More »

Motorola's whisper Bluetooth headset features Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity, upto six hours of talktime and a retractable microphone boom. It also features voice prompt and automatic volume adjustment. More »