To paint wood furniture, sand the wood surfaces using sandpaper, and apply spray primer before painting. You need spray primer, a paint brush, sandpaper, a damp cloth and paint to complete this task. More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance

Tips for painting veneer furniture include preparing the surface by sanding, applying a primer and painting with the top coat. If the veneer is in poor shape and applied over solid wood, remove the layer, and proceed wit... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance

Tips for spray painting furniture include starting with a clean, smooth surface, removing hardware, priming the surface, choosing appropriate conditions and maintaining consistent spraying. Using several thin layers of s... More » Home & Garden Furniture
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To finish unfinished wood furniture, remove the hardware on the piece, and sand the wood with coarse sandpaper followed by fine-grit sandpaper. Clean the piece to remove any dust, and apply wood conditioner if the wood i... More » Home & Garden Furniture

To paint outdoor wood furniture, you need paint, primer, a good quality paintbrush, putty, sandpaper and a tack cloth. This job will take several hours, including drying time. More » Home & Garden Furniture

Oil-based paint should be used to cover finished solid wood furniture. To ensure an even and long-lasting paint job, the wood must be properly prepared. More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance

Ways to remove scratches from wood furniture include scraping off scratches with sandpaper, wiping the scratched area with a clean cloth and using an appropriate felt-tip marker to fill the scratch. Sandpaper and paste w... More » Home & Garden Furniture