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Some causes of pain in the arm are injuries, nerve issues, inflammation and cardiac arrest, according to Mayo Clinic. There are many variations of each of these causes, and there may be multiple causes happening at once. Arm pain can range from a mild discomfort to excruciating pain.


Possible causes of pain in both arms include injury, overuse, arthritis, trauma disorders and carpal tunnel syndrome, according to Healthline. People with heart disease, compartment syndrome, burns or dislocations are also prone to experiencing arm pain.


Arm and hand pain can be treated with rest, ice, compression and elevation, according to WebMD. Other treatments to reduce pain include removing rings, wearing a sling, massaging the arm and eliminating smoking.


Depending on the cause of the pain, standard treatments for arm pain include resting and elevating the arm, placing it in a splint or sling and wrapping it in elastic wrap, states Everyday Health. Other treatments include applying cold compresses, taking acetaminophen or nonsteroidal antiinflammator


The causes of leg pain include muscle cramps, injury, nerve damage, inflammation and atherosclerosis, states MedlinePlus. Arm injury, muscle sprain or strain, rheumatoid arthritis, heart attack, and fibromyalgia may result in arm pain, according to the Mayo Clinic.


At-home treatment options for arm pain, swelling, stiffness and cramps include rest, ice, compression and elevation. Additional home remedies include removing any rings, using a sling, gentle massage and avoiding tobacco use, according to WebMD.


Tendinitis, arthritis, fractures, sprains and a rotator cuff tear are common causes of pain in the arms and hands. Lacerations, injuries to the nerve or tendons, and tennis elbow are also causes, claims University Orthopedics.


Simultaneous pain felt in the arm and chest is most often a sign of a heart attack. Symptoms usually last over 30 minutes, but emergency help should be contacted immediately, says WebMD.


Injury and overuse can cause a variety of arm muscle problems, according to WebMD. Repetitive-motion injuries occur as a result of stress to joints and tissue from continuously repeating a certain motion, such as throwing a ball or raking leaves. Other overuse injuries include carpal tunnel syndrome


Possible causes of arm pain, which may affect the upper limb and start anywhere from the fingers to the shoulder, include an injury, overuse of the limb or referred pain from another body part, according to Healthline. Arm pain may also indicate carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, fractures, heart di