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Nerve pain can be caused by a variety of conditions including autoimmune diseases, cancer, trauma, diabetes, drug side effects, motor neuron diseases and nutritional deficiencies. Pain becomes increasingly common with age, says WebMD.


Some of the most effective home remedies for nerve pain include exercising regularly, limiting alcohol and caffeine use, taking warm baths, and using topical ointments or oils, according to WebMD. Meditation can also help ease nerve pain.


Nerve pain can be treated with antidepressants, anticonvulsants, narcotic pain medications and topical treatments, according to WebMD. Combination therapies are also used to treat neuropathic pain when a single medication isn't effective.


Depending on the severity of nerve pain, treatment may include prescription medications, over-the-counter treatments or a combination of the two, notes WebMD. OTC treatments include topical creams and ointments, painkillers, and vitamins. Having a deficiency of vitamin B12 may cause or aggravate ner


Nerve-related foot pain can be caused by Morton's neuroma, which is a thickening of the nerve that runs between the third and fourth toes. Other causes of nerve-related foot pain include a pinched nerve in a region of the foot and peripheral neuropathy, according to About Health.


Burning, tingling, stabbing or shooting sensations are characteristic of nerve pain, explains About.com. Nerve pain due to peripheral neuropathy, or damage to the nerves, sometimes causes a feeling of tightness or numbness and excessive sweating of the extremity, reports Healthline.


Some possible causes of foot nerve pain are Morton's neuroma, medial plantar nerve entrapment and diabetic peripheral neuropathy. Morton's neuroma causes a persistent pain at the ball of the foot when nerves between the third and fourth toes are affected. Although the direct causes for this conditio


Treatment for nerve pain in the feet includes physical therapy, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, plasma exchange, intravenous immune globulin therapy and surgery, according to Mayo Clinic. Medications used for treatment of nerve pain include pain relievers, anti-seizure medications, caps


The symptoms of a nerve leg pain is a sensation of numbness, weakness and tingling that originates in the lower back of a person, travelling through to the sciatic nerve of an individual legs, according to Spine-Health. Other symptoms include a sharp pain that makes it difficult for a person to stan


Nerve pain in the legs may have a number of causes, including autoimmune diseases, cancer, trauma and diabetes, explains WebMD. It may also be caused by drug side effects, motor neuron or infectious diseases, and nutritional deficiencies.