Possible causes of rib cage pain, which occurs above either side of the navel and beneath the chest, include a pulled muscle, bruised ribs, broken ribs, chest injury or a rib fracture, states Healthline. An inflamed rib ... More »

Gas causes pain in the area of the upper left ribs when individuals are passing gas, are experiencing constipation or difficult bowel movements, or have eaten gassy foods recently, explains About.com. The pain may span f... More »

Conditions such as costochondritis, ruptured spleen and rib fractures may cause left side rib pain, according to Healthline. Other possible causes include osteoporosis and pleurisy. More »

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Rib pain can be caused by bruised ribs, which can be caused by an abrupt and intense blow to the chest during contact sports. It should be noted that if the pain is specifically on the left side of the rib cage, it could... More »

Rib cage pain produces an achy, dull or sharp constant pain that can be felt above the navel and below the chest, explains Healthline. Back pain may also produce a sharp pain, but the pain is often intensified with activ... More »

The causes of muscle spasms in the rib cage include injuries to the chest, rib fracture, inflamed rib cartilage, diseases such as osteoporosis and inflamed lining of the lungs as reported by Healthline. Symptoms of muscl... More »

Possible causes of a rib fracture include direct impact to the chest and intense coughing, a symptom common in patients with osteoporosis, cancer or other conditions that weaken the bones, according to WebMD. Contact spo... More »

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