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When they discontinued Pacquins hand cream, I was so disappointed. Now Sheffield Pharmaceuticals has brought it back. It is almost the same as the old Pacquins. There is a slight difference in the fragrance and it feels slightly thicker than it used to.


In spite of a lot of lobbying by those who swear by Pacquins hand and body cream, apparently, it has not yet been re-continued. When Johnson and Johnson acquired Pfizer’s consumer healthcare line in 2006, they discontinued making Pacquin Plus Hand and Body Cream. For forty or fifty years or more, women loved this cream, which more recently ...


Then in 2006, Pacquin™ hand cream was discontinued. (The company was sold, and the new company discontinued it. (Read more here.) I was SO upset! I even traveled several different places, over an hour away each, to try to find more jars… but couldn’t.


How to use Pacquin Plus Cream. Use this product as directed. Some products require priming before use. Follow all directions on the product package.


COURTESY NOTICE TO CUSTOMERS: Pacquin has been discontinued by Manufacturer. We recommend SEBAMED CREAM and SEBAMED HAND AND NAIL CREAM in its place which has great following in over 60 countries. We recommend SEBAMED CREAM and SEBAMED HAND AND NAIL CREAM in its place which has great following in over 60 countries.


Filed Under: Anti-Aging, Personal Appearance, Skin-Care Tagged With: pacquin discontinued, Pacquin Hand Cream Replacement, replacement of pacquin hand cream. Comments. Mary says. June 26, 2012 at 2:58 pm. Mario Badescu skin care Special hand cream with vitamin e is the best substitute I have found for Pacquins. Its 4oz for 8 bucks a jar.


One of the BrandlandUSA readers asks to bring back Pacquin Hand Cream. It was one of the nation’s best known hand creams, for generations made by the Connecticut company Pacquin-Lester, later known as Leeming-Pacquin. ... Paquin is the best hand cream and it gets discontinued…perhaps the company selling it should take a survey of what their ...


Because Pacquin Hand & Body Cream has been discontinued. I'm assuming the Pacquin product line was bought out by Johnson and Johnson, and then Johnson and Johnson discontinued the product. Back when you could buy Pacquin Hand & Body Cream in any corner drug store, the price was in the $5.00 to $7.00 range for an 8-oz jar! ...


Now there seems to be a little bit of an uproar about this product being discontinued because it obviously works. It seems that there is an increasing shortage of Pacquin hand cream and if you search the internet you just might find an eight ounce tub of this product that used to cost $5 in a supermarket, will cost $20 on eBay.


For many people pacquin hand cream is the cream they want. Paqcuin is known as one of the most trusted creams you can find on the market. Pacquin is available since the 1960′s but recent news is that this type of cream is not continued. People need to find a pacquin hand cream replacement if they still want to use a skin cream.