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I'll miss Paquin Dry Skin Cream. I've been using it as a facial moisturizer for more than 15 years! It is not greasy, doesn't irritate my skin, doesn't have a fragrance that triggers allergic reactions, and reasonably priced. The only side effect has been smooth skin! Bring back the product. Coramgal. Coram, NY. 2009-05-19. true


Emollients may be used as lubricants to treat or prevent dry, itchy skin and minor skin irritations (e.g., diaper rash). Storage. ... Body Skin Cream : Pacquin Plus Hand \x26amp; Body Cream, How To Use. Pacquin Plus is to be applied to the skin as directed. Avoid use in the eyes.


Johnson and Johnson obtained the health and beauty line by Pfizer in 2006, ceasing production of Pacquin hand cream. Pacquin obtained devout users, since it was first introduced to the market in the 1960s, and these users have been searching for alternatives to the cream since the end of the product's production.


Revitol Skin Brightener Cream is your safe, herbal-based solution for a beautiful, glowing complexion. Pacquins plus for dry skin Cheap place to buy Atrix Hand Cream - Ask questions, Find ....


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Reviews and ratings for Emollients topical when used in the treatment of dry skin. 181 reviews submitted with a 4.6 average score. ... Aveeno Active Naturals, Pacquin, Aqua Glycolic, Loutrex, Sween Cream, K-Y Jelly, ... Betamide, Lanaphilic, Neosalus, Dermalab Skin Cream, Dermalab Soap, Hydrocerin Plus, Curel Ultra Pro, Epilyt, ...


Replacement for Pacquin Hand Cream. ... A German made product called Kamille is reputed to have wonderful soothing effects for dry chapped skin. It contains both glycerin and silicon in addition to chamomile. The effects of the glycerin in the product is what makes it so similar to the Pacquins hand cream.


People need to find a pacquin hand cream replacement if they still want to use a skin cream. The great success of this cream is because this cream is highly related to a healthy skin. For many people it brought wonders to their dry skin, male and female. Some people are using this cream from the start and were happy using it for over 40 years.


Right now, we want our beloved, tried and tested remedy for dry h ands, feet and body skin. We want our Pacquins hand cream, our Pacquins plus hand cream, our Pacquins hand and body cream, our Pacquins plus hand and body cream, our Pacquins medicated hand cream and if they know what’s good for them they will not forget the Aloe version either.


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