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In general, 70-degree weather calls for shorts or pants with a light top. For people more sensitive to cold weather, a long-sleeved top in a lightweight fabric is a good choice. If the temperature is expected to drop in the evening, carry a sweater or light jacket.


Layered clothing is the best option for temperatures measuring 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Layers can be added or removed depending on the specific weather conditions. On a rainy 50-degree day, the air tends to be cooler than on a sunny 50-degree day, regardless of the actua...


When the temperature is around 60 degrees, the best option is to dress in layers that can be added or removed based on body temperature, weather fluctuations and activities. Each person, based on body heat, activity and age, requires different options in different weath...


Weathering occurs when materials are eroded or broken down by natural means, such as ice, water and wind. Acid, plants and animals can also cause weathering.


Using a packing list containing items such as a swimsuit, sunscreen and a hat is helpful for packing for a seven-day warm weather cruise. Additional items to pack from a packing list for a cruise include walking shoes, a wallet and binoculars.


Best Up Now recommends that people should dress in layers or wear a light jacket when the outside temperature is 60 degrees Fahrenheit. The elderly and children may need more coverage than the average healthy adult. The weather conditions also influence what attire shou...


A weather front is where two air masses meet. Depending on the type of air mass movement involved, fronts can be cold, warm, stationary or occluded. Each type of front produces a specific type of weather.