To pack a suitcase, fasten all zips, buttons and hooks, and fold the garments in sets. Put folded sets in separate dry cleaning bags, and lay them in the suitcase, beginning with the heaviest clothing, to the lightest. A... More » Beauty & Fashion Accessories

When packing suitcases for a trip, your checklist should include clothing, toiletries and documents. Additionally, electronics are the extra items that have become common on most travelling checklists as of 2015. More » Geography has a suitcase packing diagram. The website shows travelers how to pack lightly and how to efficiently make use of suitcase space. It has sample packing lists and bundle wrapping instructions. More » Beauty & Fashion Accessories

Before you pack a suitcase, choose clothes that match the weather at your destination, and pick items that fit together well. Organize these items thoroughly before placing clothes in the suitcase. More » Beauty & Fashion Accessories

Luggage repair shops are one place to have the wheels on a suitcase repaired. Some luggage manufacturers repair their own suitcases, especially if the piece is still under warranty. More »

To replace a broken wheel on a rolling suitcase, purchase the correct replacement wheel online or from a luggage shop. Also acquire a screwdriver to take off the old wheel and secure the new one. More »

Tips for packing a suitcase include knowing when to roll versus fold clothes, layering items, tucking accessories around the perimeter and putting small items inside larger items. Limiting the amount of clothing packed h... More » Beauty & Fashion Accessories