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Most daily vehicle inspection report forms require the driver to note the piece of equipment or function that requires repair by checking the appropriate box on the DVIR form. In the event a vehicle or piece of equipment requires repair, mark the appropriate box on the DVIR with any applicable notes


The placement of inspection stickers on cars and trucks depends on the state where the vehicle was inspected. As of 2014, New York has its inspection sticker on the left side of the windshield, according to its Department of Motor Vehicles.


The states in the United States that require regular vehicle safety inspections and stickers are Delaware, Illinois, Hawaii, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia and Wes


To receive a vehicle safety inspection in Maryland, take the car to one of the approximately 1600 authorized inspection stations. These facilities can be found in all parts of the state and are licensed by the Maryland State Police.


All commercial motor vehicles should undergo a DOT inspection at least once a year. If the vehicle in question is a combination vehicle, each part of the chain requires its own inspection. The purpose of the inspection is to ensure that commercial vehicles live up to state standards.


Each state sets separate laws regarding vehicle inspections, so some of the items tested vary. However, most states have criteria that determine whether the car is safe to operate. In some counties, emissions testing is required to ensure the car doesn't pollute the air beyond allowable limits.


Downloading free vehicle inspection forms from websites is typically free. Websites that allow visitors to get inspection forms at no cost include Mightyautoparts.com, Massrmv.com and Uberpartnerschicago.com.


Inspection forms are used by home inspectors to note any problems with the structure. Inspection forms often have sections for the home's structure, HVAC systems, electrical infrastructure and plumbing.


Drive-by inspections are a way of quickly assessing the condition of a property. They are a common tool of lenders, insurance companies and out-of-town landlords. The inspector may look for damage to the property, check occupancy or assess other factors that affect the value of the property.


Hawkeye Home Inspections, JRV Home Inspection and B. Sure Home Inspection Company are three regional home inspection companies that serve all or parts of Connecticut. AmeriSpec Inspection Services provides home inspection in several parts of the United States and Canada. These four companies have we