Some ideas for algebra projects include using population studies to explain exponential functions and using blood pressure measurement data to practice plotting data with Excel and a graphing calculator. Additional proje... More » Math Algebra

Students should study for Glencoe pre-algebra tests by working the practice problems and examples in each chapter. The content in Glencoe chapter tests draws from material and practice problems in the corresponding chapt... More » Education Homework Help Study Skills

Pre-algebra help can be found on the Internet., Khan Academy and all offer algebra help on their respective websites. Additionally, educational companies, such as Kumon and Sylvan Learning Centers... More » Math Algebra
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Regents Exam preparation for algebra and trigonometry includes developing and sharpening the following math skills: operations, functions, statistics, probability, variables, expressions, coordinate geometry, equations, ... More » Math Algebra

X3y3 + z3 can be factored by using a graphing calculator or through factoring as a sum of cubes. The final answer for factoring x3y3 + z3 is (xy + z) times (x2y2 - xyz + z2). More » Math Algebra

To solve ln(e^2), a person can use a graphing calculator or can calculate by hand using substitution methods The final answer of ln(e^2) is 2. More » Math Algebra

Typically students in math classes need a graphing calculator, protractor, spreadsheet program and a program that can apply statistical tests, such as Excel. Tools for mathematics depend on what level or class being taug... More » Math Arithmetic