Medical oxygen cylinder manufacturers use letters to differentiate cylinder sizes. For example, "D" cylinders, the most prevalent size, typically contain between 300 liters and 350 liters of oxygen, although some may hav... More »

The range of medical oxygen cylinder sizes goes from M-2 to M-250 and includes M-4, M-6, M-7, M-9, M-22, M-24, M-60 and M-122. The diameter sizes range from 2 1/2 inches to 52 inches, and empty weight ranges from 0.7 pou... More »

An H cylinder has the capacity to hold roughly 7,000 liters of oxygen. H cylinders are the largest semi-portable tanks in common use. When fully charged, an H cylinder provides high-flow oxygen to a patient for well over... More »

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Medical oxygen tanks may be filled at home using an oxygen tank fill system or delivered pre-filled by an oxygen therapy supply company. Oxygen therapy is an FDA-regulated medical treatment, and it must be prescribed by ... More »