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An object is overlapping text, and the object is one of the following: An AutoShape. A table. A text box. A picture or clip art. If this condition is not fixed and the publication is sent as an email message, the text will be exported as an image. The image quality will be low, and the image will add to the file size of the email message.


We just add some text, convert the letters into shapes, change the color of each letter, and then move the letters closer together to overlap them. To blend the colors in the overlapping areas, we use one of Photoshop's layer blend modes.


The reason you see overlapping text is because you are using the Level of Detail shelf, and you are not filtering, or your table calc does not have the compute using set as you want it. An easy way to think if the level of detail shelf is "show more marks".


Overlapping Text ‎07-13-2016 07:44 PM. Hi @Jim2016, Thanks for reaching out to the HP Support Forums for a solution to your printing issue. I understand that you are using an HP Officejet 6500A Plus e-All-in-One Printer with a Windows 10 computer and the text overlaps when printing from the internet. I would like to help with that.


Issue If you open a Word document and you find out that the text is overlapping, making the document impossible to read and that problem is the same when printing the file, then follow the instructions below.


Overlap the phrases by moving their text boxes and bring the lighter script style to the front with Shift + Command + ]. Then create a new layer within the Layers panel and bring the top phrase to the second layer. Find a unique interaction between the phrases, tilting the top path if necessary.


This MySpace overlapping text generator lets you create overlapping text for your MySpace page! Actually, you can use it on any web page! This generator produces HTML that you can copy and paste right into your MySpace page! To create your overlapping text, use the form below to generate your HTML code.


Just clip out your favorite illustrations and change their layouts or backgrounds. It is an entirely editable set and can be customized on the go. Let your audience retain every piece of crucial information with the help of these overlapping text boxes. Download it right away and keep using it time and time again to draft a remarkable presentation.


I'm trying to change an overlapping element (text) in my css file. One line of texts (in a regular browser) appears as two lines of text in mobile, overlapped together. This change is for the mobile version of the site (the @media section for landscape tablets) Currently, the header (h2) text is overlapping on an iPad/tablet.


Define overlapping. overlapping synonyms, overlapping pronunciation, overlapping translation, English dictionary definition of overlapping. v. o·ver·lapped , o·ver·lap·ping , o·ver·laps v. tr. 1. To lie or extend over and cover part of. 2. To have an area or range in common with. v. intr. 1.