"When Panic Attacks" is a book written by psychiatrist David D. Burns, according to the doctor's blog, Feeling Good. In his book, Dr. Burns discusses how to use cognitive therapy to overcome any form of anxiety, includin... More »

Some techniques for overcoming a panic attack while it is occurring are recognizing the symptoms, accepting the attack, and performing breathing exercises, according to PsychCentral. More long-term strategies for dealing... More »

Psychologists classify intense fear accompanied by four of a group of predetermined symptoms as a panic attack, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. Panic attacks peak within a few minutes of o... More »

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The causes of night-time panic attacks are not exactly known nor are their triggers, according to the Mayo Clinic. Genetics, pre-existing sleep disorders, stress or changes in brain activity may contribute to episodes du... More »

Combating panic attacks requires identifying the symptoms of the panic attack once they start, and then taking measures to minimize these symptoms and their causes, according to Psych Central. Dr. Dave Carbonell for Anxi... More »

Individuals should not put flour on a burn, as it is not an effective remedy and may make the situation worse, according to the Centre for Children's Burns & Trauma Research. They should also avoid placing butter, toothp... More »

Allopurinol can’t be started during a painful attack as it can make the pain worse, according to Harvard Health Publications. It dissolves and makes the uric acid crystals smaller, making them move more easily into joint... More »