Continuous pain or cramping in the back can be a symptom of ovarian cancer, according to WebMD. Other symptoms include abdominal pain and cramping, vaginal bleeding, nausea, bloating, feeling full quickly and urinating m... More » Health Conditions & Diseases Cancer

Cancers that have lower back pain as a symptom are rectum, ovary and colon cancer, states the American Cancer Society. However, cancer that results in back pain doesn't necessarily start in these organs because back pain... More »

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One of the symptoms of ovarian cancer is pressure or pain in the abdomen or pelvic areas, states the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. Other symptoms include difficultly eating, abdominal swelling, unexplained vaginal bleedi... More »

An elevated level of the protein CA 125 in the blood is a possible sign of ovarian cancer, according to Mayo Clinic. Many other conditions can also cause elevated CA 125 levels. More » Health Conditions & Diseases Cancer

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