As of 2016, some unique outdoor wood burning fireplaces include the Mirage Stone outdoor fireplace and a pagoda patio fireplace. Both of these fireplaces are available online. More » Home & Garden Outdoor

Wood-burning fireplace inserts are units that fit inside the firebox of the fireplace to improve its efficiency. Many of these units have glass doors, allowing room occupants a view of the fire. These units reduce the he... More » Home & Garden Heating & Cooling,,, and provide outdoor fireplace design ideas. Outdoor fireplaces are either portable or permanent and range in style from traditional to mo... More » Home & Garden Outdoor

Ideas for DIY outdoor fireplaces include stacked stone, sunken fire pit, masonry and portable cement. Homeowners create traditional stacked stone fireplaces from bricks, while manufactured stone present a modern style. More » Home & Garden Outdoor

To make wood risers for outdoor stairs, first determine the total rise of the staircase. Measure the staircase's vertical height in inches. Divide that number by 7 inches, or the average rise of steps, in order to find t... More » Home & Garden Outdoor

Examples of outdoor deck covers include striped awnings, intimate pavilions, strips of fabric and even scrap wood. Other ideas include dramatic painted pergolas and outdoor drapes. Adjustable and retractable outdoor deck... More » Home & Garden Outdoor

Make an outdoor cross decoration by screwing two pieces of wood together and decorating it as desired. You need a drill, screws, wood glue, wood and a saw. More » Home & Garden Outdoor