Find a location with good drainage, determine the size and choose the edge material to design a raised garden bed. Sketch a design of the raised bed before breaking ground. More »

To build a raised garden bed, prepare the ground, build the box, level the box, and plant flowers or vegetables. Finishing the raised garden bed with an irrigation system is optional. More »

Making a raised garden bed requires rot-resistant lumber like cedar, good soil, compost, a lever, rake and desired plants. Select and determine the shape and size of the garden, prep the site, construct the bed, fill in ... More » Home & Garden Gardening & Landscapes
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To build a raised garden bed, choose the location, map out the garden, tend the soil, make the beds and fill the beds with soil. You need a level, compost, manure, newspaper, topsoil, 2-by-6 wood, a shovel and galvanized... More »

To edge a flower bed, use a garden hose to outline the garden, and then use a spade to cut away the dirt and grass along the perimeter of the flower bed. Add mulch after edging the flower bed to repress grass and weed gr... More »

Cedar is a good choice for building a raised garden bed. Natural oils in the wood make it rot resistant, and a cedar bed may last up to 15 years. Cedar usually costs about twice as much as pine, but it will last up to th... More »

To build a garden box, find a location that gets appropriate sun, is well drained and near a water source. Dig holes for the posts, and place the posts in the holes. Place side boards along the posts, and attach them to ... More »