Any Johnson outboard motor built since 1964 requires a 50/1 fuel ratio. Motors built prior to that date require a 32/1 ratio, with the exception of a few fishing motors built prior to 1955 that use a 16/1 ratio. More » Vehicles

Two-stroke 15-horsepower Mercury outboard motors require a 50:1 fuel-to-oil mixture. However, not all 15-horsepower Mercury outboards are two-stroke engines; many newer models are four-stroke designs. Four-stroke engines... More » Vehicles

Evinrude outboard motors made since 1964 require a 50 to 1 fuel to oil mixture using 6 gallons of gas per 1 pint of oil. Motors made prior to 1964 take a 24 to 1 mixture. The most common mixture for motors made prior to ... More » Science Chemistry Solutions & Mixtures
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The serial number on a Johnson outboard motor indicates the year that the engine was manufactured. It can be determined by following a code that differs based on the year range in which the motor was built. More » Vehicles

The fuel to oil mixture ratio for Evinrude marine outboard motors changes depending on the specific model of engine, and its purpose. Generally, however, motors from before 1958 require a 20:1 mixture ratio, from between... More » Vehicles

Outboard boat motors with two cycles manufactured by Johnson and Evinrude after 1964 require a 2 percent fuel to oil mixture. Use 1 cup of outboard motor oil for every 3 gallons of gasoline. More » Vehicles

Flush the cooling system, drain the fuel, change the oil, lubricate the engine and propeller shaft and stabilize the fuel supply to winterize an outboard motor on a boat. Some steps may vary depending on the make and mod... More » Vehicles