The Offender Tracking Information System requires an inmate's last name or Michigan Department of Corrections number if the inmate is an active offender currently detained in an MDOC-managed facility. No additional infor... More » Government & Politics Public Records

An inmate's release date can be determined either online through a state or federal corrections website or by contacting the specific correctional institution where the inmate is housed. In order to obtain the release in... More » Government & Politics Crime

One way to conduct a juvenile inmate search is to use Inmate Aid's search engine. Another way to find juvenile inmates is through crime victims' networks, such as VINE Link, which has information about offenders in most ... More » Government & Politics Public Records
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Use the Minnesota Department of Corrections inmate locator, formally known as the offender locator, to find those in prison or released from prison and under supervision by entering the offender ID of the individual or s... More » Government & Politics Public Records

The Oklahoma Department of Corrections provides an offender search tool on its website that provides the information for any criminal offender who is, at the time of the search, incarcerated or under probation with the s... More » Government & Politics Public Records

When using the Vinelink service online, available inmate information includes the offender identification number, custody status and the location of the offender. The offender's date of birth, gender and race are also li... More » Government & Politics Public Records

Required information for an inmate offender search differs among correctional facilities, with each facility or jurisdiction having its own information requirements for accessing inmate status. Inmate offender searches a... More » Government & Politics Public Records