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The most common alternatives to orthodontic braces for straightening crooked teeth are removable aligners and retainers and dental contouring. These alternatives may not be suitable if the teeth are severely misaligned.


The cost of orthodontic braces depends on the appliance type, with traditional metal braces ranging from about $3,000 to $7,000 as of 2015, according to OralB.com. Ceramic braces cost about $4,000 to $8,000; lingual braces range between $8,000 and $10,000; and Invisalign braces range from $4,000 to


Although archaeologists have found what appear to have functioned as orthodontic devices in the tombs of the Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, prototypes of what would eventually evolve into modern-day orthodontic braces were first described in medical books in the 1700s. In 1819, Christophe-Fra


Orthodontic insurance is generally part of a comprehensive of dental health care plan. The orthodontic portion of dental insurance covers some portion of the cost of orthodontic care, which includes braces to ensure that the teeth are straight and mesh well with the teeth in the opposite jaw.


You can find adult and child new patient package forms on the website of Cohen & Montini Orthodontics. Clements Orthodontics also offers potential patients access to its forms, as does Kalamazoo Orthodontics, which also allows Web users to download its company questionnaire, a release of information


Kaplan University, Herzing University and the University of Phoenix are good orthodontic assistant schools, according to Study.com. All of these institutions offer online coursework. The University of Phoenix also maintains locations in several states, including Colorado, Florida, Michigan, Texas an


Consumers needing coverage for orthodontics can find dental insurance plan options from Delta Dental, Humana and Aetna. While it's most common for the companies to cover orthodontics for children and teenagers, some providers, such as Delta Dental, do offer plans that cover adult orthodontic care, n


Some disadvantages of nonextraction orthodontics include gum and teeth stability issues, while side effects from braces include discomfort and root resorption, note Brace Guide and Brace Place. Side effects do not occur in all patients and are experienced differently by each individual.


An adult can acquire orthodontic insurance by purchasing an optional dental insurance coverage plan from his employer if one is available, according to eHealth. In lieu of a dental plan, an individual might consider purchasing a dental discount plan instead, which may offer discounts on orthodontia


The median salary for an orthodontic assistant in 2104 is approximately $34,000 in the United States, with a range from $24,076 to $45,621. Hourly rates in 2104 are from $11.10 to $22.80.