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Talc is a clay mineral composed of hydrated magnesium silicate with the chemical formula Mg 3 Si 4 O 10 (OH) 2.Talc in powdered form, often in combination with corn starch, is widely used as baby powder.This mineral is used as a thickening agent and lubricant, is an ingredient in ceramics, paint and roofing material, and is also one of the main ingredients in many cosmetic products.


Talcum Powder History. Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Powder has been around for more than a century, developed by the pharmaceutical company in 1983, and used by generations of families to prevent diaper rash and other minor skin irritations, with a label on the original tin can that stated the powder was “For Toilet and Nursery.”


Baby powder is often used to treat diaper rash in infants. Women also commonly use these powders on their genitals to reduce feminine odors. Adult men and women may also use baby powder on other ...


Baby powder is a very fine, white substance. It is an astringent powder and can be made from talc or have corn starch in the creation of the powder. Talc, also known as talcum powder is a mineral composed of silicon, magnesium, and oxygen.


This back-and-forth over whether talcum powder contains asbestos, and if so, what levels are safe, is nothing new. Consumers, activists, scientists, and regulators have been raising concerns for decades, and the industry has a long history of successful pushback.


Talcum powder lawsuits are filed by women who used Johnson’s Baby Powder and other talc products and later learned they had ovarian cancer. Evidence shows that Johnson & Johnson knew their talc contained cancer-causing asbestos, leading to repeated talcum powder lawsuit verdicts in favor of plaintiffs.


Can baby powder and other talcum powder products really cause cancer? The science is inconclusive, but juries all over the country are holding companies like Johnson & Johnson accountable for ovarian cancer diagnoses. Learn about talc risks at ConsumerSafety.org.


Talcum powder is made from talc, a mineral made up mainly of the elements magnesium, silicon, and oxygen. As a powder, it absorbs moisture well and helps cut down on friction, making it useful for keeping skin dry and helping to prevent rashes. It is widely used in cosmetic products such as baby ...


2019. The Reuters news service publishes a special report documenting that, in the face of declining baby powder sales, Johnson & Johnson has created marketing campaigns targeting minority populations despite the company’s knowledge of the dangers of talcum powder.


Like asbestos, talcum powder can travel into the lungs and become lodged within, resulting in the development of scar tissue and tumors that spread throughout the lung (mesothelioma). The mechanism by which talcum powder causes ovarian cancer is similar, except women are far less likely to notice the symptoms.