Organza flowers are easy to make, and you can customize the design in many ways. For materials, you need synthetic organza fabric, small beads or buttons and coordinated sewing thread. For tools, you need a heat source, ... More » Hobbies & Games

To press roses, carefully arrange the flowers between layers of tissue paper, newsprint and cardboard, then add bricks or heavy books on top. Let the roses stay pressed for two to four weeks before removing. More » Hobbies & Games

The main reason for microwaving flowers is to dry them in a hurry without using high heat, according to Better Homes and Gardens. Using high heat on flowers may cause them to turn brown. More » Hobbies & Games
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Dried lavender flowers can be purchased from several different sources, including farmers' markets, online bulk food, herb, tea, spice and craft retailers, and some well-stocked grocery stores. Dried lavender flowers can... More » Hobbies & Games

The best ways to express sympathy or offer condolences are to send flowers, write a card, visit the person concerned or make a donation to an appropriate charity. It is important to consider your relationship with the pe... More » Holidays & Celebrations

Some ways to identify trees in Oklahoma are to examine the leaves, flowers and habitat of the trees and cross-reference this information with a tree identification guidebook or an online database. Both the Arbor Day Foun... More » Science Biology Botany

The "Green Revolution" benefits the environment in many ways, but it puts constraints on homeowners and businesses in design, management and use of buildings and properties. The Home Expert Network states that In particu... More » Science Environmental Science Conservation