Rutgers University offers both undergraduate and graduate classes in organic chemistry. The undergraduate program, however, does not provide an organic chemistry emphasis. Undergraduate students can specialize under one ... More » Education Colleges & Universities

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IDA is an acronym used by chemists for iminodiacetic acid. It is made up of four carbon atoms, seven hydrogen atoms, one nitrogen and four oxygen atoms. It is used in organic chemical reactions to modulate the movement o... More » Science Chemistry Organic Chemistry

Rutgers, a colonial college and pubic institution, comprises 32 schools and colleges and has multiple locations throughout New Jersey. New Brunswick, Newark, Piscataway, Stratford, Scotch Plains and Blackwood are just so... More » Education Colleges & Universities

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To be eligible for certification as a medical lab technician, a student must take several science classes in areas such as chemistry, immunology and immunohematology, microbiology and hematology. The courses provide back... More » Education Colleges & Universities

To apply to Rutgers Business School, a candidate must complete the online application and submit the application fee, official transcripts from previous undergraduate and graduate schools, two letters of reference, an up... More » Education Colleges & Universities